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Bow Headband

Each of our headbands are carefully handcrafted in my home base studio in Alberta. Lined in soft materials, our styles offer all day comfort. With our classic styles, updated in bold, seasonal colors, your headband collection starts here.

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We believe that fashion should be hands-on. Replacing the factory production, we infuse care, respect and humanity into everything we make.

As we continue to learn and grow in this area, our efforts remain aligned with eco-focused manufacturing, ethical production of the highest quality and care.

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Discover the Perfect Soft Handmade Duck Lovey

Introducing our new Duck Lovey inspired by my daughter’s love for ducks. When my daughter was little she had a fear for eyes. My husband and I had a difficult time finding a soft plushy that didn’t trigger her fear. With this in mind I created a eyeless duck lovey suitable for all ages.

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